My work, rooted in identity, includes three overarching frameworks: grid, waveform, and weight that reflect properties of the physical world and existential thought after a lifetime of dialogue with my father, a physics professor. I choose fiber to reference a way of knowing, a comfort connected to my familiarity with cloth and the lasting impression cloth has had in my life. Sari silk speaks to the array of unashamed vibrancy of the saris worn by the women in my life and the epigenetic weight this fiber carries. 

Weight is generational, where trauma has carryover, it encompasses emotional weight and the physicality of weight variations that speak to the body's physical mass, related restrictions, and the desire to be free of them. Waveform pattern reflects the reverberation of energy and warping of space that happens with interactions of all forms of energy that take up space—the grid I see as a universal structure, where everything is interrelated and housed. I am interested in the interconnected compartments of the grid, the space we take up, the space in between, and the warping of space.

I use fiber and printmaking to collage, weave, and embroider with varying substrates. I restructure these to create nets, objects, paper quilts, and fiber paintings interconnecting fragments by pinning and draping them together. This process mirrors how my identity has been constructed and extends to the larger context of the interconnectivity and power dynamics of social, political, and ecological relationships.