The influences that flow through my work have been the resources I gather to make meaning in my life. They are derived from the bicultural background that I have been blessed to have been born into. All at once this provides perspective of varied points of view and can isolate due to lack of formal associations with any particular group.

I am interested in how identity is constructed and how it is fused and woven into a tightly woven construct. As energy and information flow is collected through time, it forms and informs our sense of identity. Always in flux, ever changing, although seemingly solid, identity construction pertains to the layers of experience and understanding, layers of consciousness and time. 

My interest in color and use of varied materials woven together, particularly that relate to culture and science, is a reference to our collective human diversity and my place in it. My work stands as a voice that recognizes our collective unity and the challenge we face to overcome the human frailty of fearing “other” in order to maintain a sense of identity.

There are references to science and nature, and varied systems of belief and/or constructs of understanding. The layering is reminiscent of the formation of sedimentary rock and geodes, as they are also born of time and experience, it refers to the idea of identity being somehow "set in stone".

From a purely physical perspective there is also the idea that all matter is an illusion, that everything is energy derived from vibrations in universal fields. Visually I construct a reflection of experience that is both seemingly solid and illusory. The work seems wounded and scarred with stitched thread and patched up paper, with marks, color and imagery that can pertain to our contextual space in time.

Encaustic is my primary medium, a paint made from a mixture of pigment, beeswax and resin, fused by heat after application. Included within the layers of my work are any one or combination of media including collaged imagery, drawing, painting, and mono print. I use watercolor, ink, oil, and at times textiles, thread, enamel, glass and flower petals.