My artistic interest is focused on how the identity of an individual is bound into a larger construct, woven over time and that is reflective of the experiences that forms it. Influences that flow through my work are derived from my bicultural background. I have been privileged to have had an upbringing that provided varied ethnically diverse perspectives. But my own identity was difficult to decipher having no deep affiliation with any formal cultural associations.

While connecting and piecing together a representation of my own identity, I also visually translate the idea of interconnectedness and the relationship we all have, socially and ecologically, to a larger grid. The grid, for me, is a universal construct in space and time which includes the geographical latitude and longitudinal grid we inhabit. This seemingly unique human need to establish an identity tends to promote a disassociation of the individual and rejection of the notion of collective unity.

Important considerations I have are dualistic in nature, these include entanglement and compartmentalization, physical reality and illusion. My current installations explore systems of repair that are the result of existential threats to our world and to each other. Working in fiber, collage, printmaking, I can express these ideas in a way that feels to me to be essential and primal; something that flows through me.

Collaging fragments, weaving, pinning and draping are processes that I often use in the making of my work. I use these to repurpose reconfigure and reconstruct in ways that pertain specifically to identity construction both personally and collectively. I attempt to visually represent the challenge we face in the quest to create order out of the chaos that is reality in our contextual space in time as energy and information flow continues to form and inform our sense of identity.