My assimilated bicultural 2nd generation South East Asian Indian and 3rd generation Italian background all at once provided perspective of varied points of view and also isolated me due to lack of any formal associations with any particular group. The influences that come from my cultural identity flow through my work. They have provided resources for me in the form of philosophical concepts that I've gathered to make meaning and metaphors that I use in my life and my work. I have always been interested in how identity is formed and fused into a tightly woven construct. Processes that I use that relate to this point are collaging of fragments, weaving, pinning and draping. I use these to construct, deconstruct, reconfigure and reconstruct raw materials or materials that have already been used in prior works.

An overarching visual framework I use in my work is the grid and in doing so I consider the perpetual quest to create order out of chaos through this construct. The grid construct includes the geographical latitude and longitudinal grid we inhabit and the need to form our collective and personal identity within it. It is through the compartments within a grid and the inherent connectivity in the grid that I am interested in visually translating the duality of both perceived separation and the interconnectedness of all things.  I use material as a metaphor for the  interconnecting of this grid and the relationships we have to each other through materials with weave, crochet and stitch as an act of mending this.  

My creation of nets and the use of threads and imagery sewn together is my attempt to make sense of this interconnectedness on a macroscopic scale.  The work serves as a mirror that reflects us to ourselves. Physics and Eastern philosophy collide in my work as these both consider the concept of “maya”, the idea that all matter is illusion. What does it mean for something to be stable? Matter changes depending on scale. We are living inside these systems and constructs that are essentially provisional based on limitations of perception. I attempt to visually represent and recognize our collective unity.   Maintaining a sense of identity while associating with the unified whole is a challenge. This duality is interesting to me.