Statement: Flora Sutra L=T-V

This body of work is the culmination of years of labor and contemplation.  It originated with the idea in 2006 of the individual sculpted flowers as they represent microcosms of ways of seeing and being in the world.  I called it Babylon. They are belief systems, as each lotus has within it representations of religious, mythological or philosophical text and iconography of the East and West.  The installation becomes a celestial canopy or rooted garden that brings to mind the search for connectivity. All of these traditions exist as an attempt to understand the natural world.

Flora Sutra came about as I had a child and needed to work outside of the studio and yet figure out how to synthesize both ancient and modern views of this understanding. I began to hand embroider combined images of ancient star charts, atomic particle physics, chemistry, Newton’s, Einstein’s, Maxwell’s, and Heisenberg’s mathematical equations as these are central to the modern understanding of the natural world, yet still a construct.  L=T-V is called the Lagrangian of a system in nature that allows physicists to extract information about a given system.  I am using it here metaphorically.  As if looking at celestial bodies, Flora Sutra allows us to see ourselves from a grand, universal and metaphysical perspective.